Saturday, March 24, 2012

On My Bookshelf: Books About Writing

Like most writers, I learn a lot by studying other writers and reading books about writing. Following are the writing books on my bookshelf. What books have you found to be helpful in learning how to write or get published?

On Writing
By Stephen King

Writing for the Soul
By Jerry B. Jenkins

On Writing Romance
By Leigh Michaels

On Writing Well
By William Zinsser

If You Can Talk, You Can Write
By Joel Saltzman

The Weekend Novelist
By Robert J. Ray

Damn! Why Didn’t I Write That?
By Marc McCutcheon

Writing & Selling the YA Novel
By K.L. Going

Guide to Fiction Writing
By Phyllis A. Whitney
(I also have her book, Writing Juvenile Fiction.)

Your First Novel
By Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb

You Can Write Children’s Books
By Tracey E. Dils

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