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Sizzling Summer Reads Giveaway Hop: Enter to Win 6 Children’s Books, Plus The Hunger Games DVD & Book Set!

Sizzling Summer Reads

Welcome to the Sizzling Summer Reads hosted by Literary Addicts. This event takes place August 20 through September 2, 2012. Each blog participating will have a book-related giveaway worth at least $10.

The Literary Addicts is also hosting a grand prize -- open internationally!

After entering my awesome giveaway below, be sure to follow the linky and hop around for the chance to win more great prizes!


For my giveaway, one lucky winner will receive all 6 of the following children’s books!

Emma’s American Chinese New Year
Amy Meadows
(Softcover children’s book)

Emma was adopted by her American parents, but every year they celebrate the Chinese New Year in celebration of Emma’s ancestry. They make moon cakes and Chinese lanterns. Emma receives a red envelope with dollar bills. And they visit the local cultural center for festivities that include drummers, dancers, Kung Fu artists, and a dragon! Afterward, they go to a restaurant for traditional Chinese food and fortune cookies. Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Happy New Year!)

The Adventures of Kid America: The Great Puppy Rescue
Jason Holder
(Softcover children’s book ~ autographed)

Kid America may be only 13 years old, but he’s the leader of a team of secret agents code named “The Eagle Watch”! They help Agent Adams (a grown-up) solve mysteries around the world. In this book, they have to find evidence that a bully named Casper is running a puppy mill. With the help of Kid’s sister, Kat, the three secret agents use some high-tech equipment to spy on Casper. Can they save a bunch of puppies from Casper’s yard? This book will help parents open dialogues with their kids about puppy mills and being kind to animals.

Healthy Foods from A to Z
Stephanie Maze (Executive Editor)
(Hardcover children’s book)

This alphabet book features colorful pictures of foods that are good for children to eat! The names of the foods are labeled in both English and Spanish. The end of the book features ideas for making a “Healthy Food Face” and other healthy food projects that kids and parents can do together. For example, it encourages kids to see how many healthy foods at the grocery store start with each letter of the alphabet. A helpful glossary also explains why each of the foods in the book are healthy. This educational book is fun for both adults and children!

Mr. Twizzlepip’s What’s in the Clouds?
Trent B. Dean
(Softcover children’s book)

In this book, Mr. Twizzlepip (a mustachioed man in a bowler and bow tie) encourages kids to look into the clouds and find fun things! Can they figure out what Mr. Twizzlepip is seeing in the clouds? He sees a horse, a fish, a frog and much more! After reading this book, parents and kids can have fun going outdoors and looking for more things in the clouds! This book is a fun way to introduce this game of wonder to children.

Good People Everywhere
Lynea Gillen
(Hardcover children’s book)

All over the world, this book explains, people are doing good things. Carpenters are repairing homes damaged by storms. Doctors and midwives are delivering babies. People are planting seeds, and picking fruits and vegetables that will go to the grocery stores. A teenager helps a young child who is lonely and sad. A first-grader helps a friend with a skinned knee. This lovely book encourages kids and parents to talk about what they can do to help other people and make this world a better place.

Terrance Texter: Adventures in Mobile Phone Land Series
Marie-Antoinette Burrell
(Softcover children’s book)

In Terrance Texter, kids get the message that texting and driving just don’t mix! Miss Toadd is queen of Mobile Phone Land, and she notices that when people like Terrance Texter (a turtle) text and drive, bad things happen! So, she passes a law: No Texting While Driving. She also teaches two other lessons about texting: Be polite when texting, and when you see someone being unsafe while texting, tell a grown-up! The colorful pictures and rhyming text will capture your kids’ attention.

To enter this giveaway, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below. There are no mandatory entries. The more items you complete, the more entries you receive! This giveaway is open to US residents only and ends at 11:59 PM ET on September 2, 2012. After entering this giveaway, don’t forget to hop around to the other participating blogs in the linky posted above!

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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies of these books for review, which I am donating for this giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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