Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enjoy a 50 Percent Discount on Cynthia Roberts’ Books!

If you weren’t one of the lucky winners of author Cynthia Roberts’ recent giveaway for her books, Captive Heart and This Too Shall Pass, you can still get a copy of these wonderful eBooks for a 50% discount! Just click on the links below to take you to Smashwords and enter the discount code. This special offer is good until Sept. 30, 2012. Enjoy!

Captive Heart

A Seneca maiden is banished from her tribe and finds herself caught between two worlds ~ remaining who she is, or the woman she secretly wishes to become. Captive Heart is a soulful tale of spiritual rebirth, and a passionate love story that blossoms during an extremely difficult journey of revelation.

Discount Code on Smashwords for 50% off Captive Heart ~ RS72E

This Too Shall Pass

Rising from the ashes once you hit rock bottom is not easy for a woman alone. Neither is the journey along the road to self-discovery. The end result proves awe-inspiring for Alana Waverly when fate steps in, however, and presents her with the wonderful possibility of not only finding love, but believing in it again.

Discount Code on Smashwords for 50% off This Too Shall Pass ~ QQ49C

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