Friday, November 9, 2012

What to Do When Bloggers Won’t Review Your Book

As a blogger, I am sent literally hundreds of emails a day with requests for product reviews. Many of them are for books, and I feel terrible that I have to reject probably 98% of them because I just don’t have the time to read all of them! Most likely, if you’ve written a book and are trying to get bloggers to review it, you’ll receive many rejections for the same reason.

One way to get around this is to offer bloggers some pre-written material: an excerpt, an author Q&A, a guest post, or a tip list. Often, bloggers are willing to post this material to help increase their number of posts or when they don’t have time to write, like weekends or on vacation. If you find a blogger who is willing to accept one of these items, remember:

Tailor the piece to the audience. If the blogger writes about parenting, don’t offer tips about finding a soulmate or repairing a car.

Edit the post to be sure it’s free of grammatical and spelling errors. You want to make the blogger look good!

Include your book cover and author photo. Most bloggers want their posts to be visually appealing, so be sure to include some artwork to include with your post. Seeing your cover will also make it more likely that readers will recognize it online or at the store.

Include a brief About the Author paragraph at the end of the post with a link to your website or purchase page. Hope for impulse buys!

Watch your length. Most blog posts are 3-5 paragraphs. Study your bloggers’ typical posts before you begin writing. Blog readers may lose interest if your post is too long. I received an author interview recently that was five pages long! I cut it down drastically before posting it.

Keep it clean. Most bloggers won’t post erotic material on their site, even though they may be willing to promote a steamy romance. Recently, I received a book excerpt for posting that contained graphic sex and profanity. I returned it to the publicist for a “cleaner” scene!

Having your book featured on blogs is a great way to get people talking about your book. Most bloggers promote their posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networking sites, so a single blog post can generate plenty of publicity … and hopefully sales!


  1. Great article! For me personally as well, Please, don't get all miffed if I tell you there is a fee for my posting and promoting. If you want advertisement for your book, come prepared to pay for it. Many bloggers do not work for free and we feel that the time we have spent building up a readership and fan base on social media, deserves compensation. (I will often give a discount from my normal sponsored post rates when the article is written for me) In addition, do not just send the same article out to be posted by every blogger you pitch. I want unique content, please. Trust me, it helps us both.

    1. Great points, Chrissie! For many of us, blogging is our job, and we've worked hard to build up credibility, a strong social media presence, and unique content. That's a lot to offer an author or anyone with a product to pitch and deserves appropriate compensation. Thanks for your insight!


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