Saturday, January 5, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt from "Tournament of Chance," by S.G. Rogers!

Susan Heim on Writing is pleased to be a stop on the Tournament of Chance Book Tour. Read on for an exclusive excerpt from this exciting book by S.G. Rogers!

A loud insistent pounding at the front door startled Heather awake the next morning. A few moments later, she heard Ustin having a row with her father in the kitchen. Heather’s mother, still clad in a dressing gown, stepped into the bedchamber. She held a lantern aloft.

“Get up, Heather.”

“What’s happening, Mother?”

“Ustin and Kitty are here.”

“Kitty, too?”

“Aye. Put on your hunting gear, quickly.”

Aghast, Heather stared at Rose, wide-eyed. “But I’m going to the tournament today. I’m to wear my best clothes.”

“Don’t argue with me. Ustin says you’re in danger.”


“There are men canvassing the town for you right now, so there is no time to waste. You must travel in disguise.”

Heather grasped a hank of her thick auburn waist-length hair. “How are we going to hide this?”

Rose produced a pair of shears. “We can’t.”

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