Thursday, January 3, 2013

If Your New Year’s Resolution Is to Write, You’ve Got to Set Specific Goals

In my New Year’s post, I encouraged everyone to add “write, write, write” to their resolutions for 2013. This is a great start but, of course, a little too general to “stick.” In order to make your resolution work, it’s helpful to have more specific goals for the year. For example, your goals might look something like this:
  • Send out 5 queries a month with article ideas to magazine and website editors.
  • Write a chapter of my novel each month (or set a daily goal to write a certain number of words).
  • Devote a half-hour or more each day to my writing.
  • Publish at least three blog posts per week.
  • Do at least one activity each day to promote my book.
  • Join a writers’ club or critique group to help hone my manuscript or improve my writing.
  • Attend a writers’ conference, class or workshop.
These are just a few ideas. What specific goals can you set to improve your writing or get your book written in 2013?

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