Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme: What Two Characters Should Hook Up?

It’s Wednesday! And that means it’s time for the Literary Addicts Weekly Meme! Every Wednesday, they suggest a fun theme to write about. The theme of this week: What two characters from two different books/series would you LOVE to see hook up?

My Answer: Nancy Drew and Harry Potter

Honestly, I haven’t read the Harry Potter books, but I’ve seen the movies and I always thought that Jenny Weasley was a little too bland for Harry Potter. But if he’d had a girlfriend as smart and daring as Nancy Drew, she could have helped him solve the mystery of the missing Horcruxes much more quickly, and they could have wrapped things up in 4 or 5 books instead of 7.

Smart Super Sleuth + Magic Wizard = Mystery Solved!

But then, of course, less money would have made from a shorter series, so maybe that’s not a great idea…

What about you? What book characters from two different series do you think should hook up? CLICK HERE for links to the other blogs participating in this meme to find out their choices!


  1. Love this idea! Too true about Nancy; though she may have stolen Harry's thunder and beat him to the mystery :)

  2. Seriously Susan, THIS IS AWESOME! <3 <3 <3

  3. Oh my goodness, i don't know if I can top this one!

  4. Your literary hook up is amazing :)

  5. Awesome! I think they would make a great couple! :)


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