Friday, July 26, 2013

Tangled Up in Trouble Book Tour: An Excerpt

Susan Heim on Writing is pleased to be a stop on the book tour for Tangled Up in Trouble, by Olivia Hardin!

About the book:
Lynlee Lincoln isn’t just a witch; she’s also a Neutralizer. Her job is a juggling act to keep magical and undead clients out of trouble. But getting back together with her old flame throws one more ball into the mix, and romance with a guy who has two kids can get complicated. When her old mentor asks her to investigate the goings-on of a dark witch, things turn messy. The witch is stalking supernatural creatures to collect ingredients for a potion that Lynlee can’t seem to figure out. To keep those closest to her from becoming the next victims, she may have to confront the demons within herself.

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Excerpt from Tangled Up in Trouble:

“That’s why you need to marry that boy. He’ll make an excellent housewife.”

I snorted and shook my head. Rhia and I were on our way to a call for one of my MAUCs, a vampire named Rufus. The poor fellow got himself entangled with an ultra-religious gal the previous evening. Perhaps she wasn’t all that religious after all because she did in fact sleep with Rufus. And that couldn’t be blamed on his ability to hypnotize because he preferred to feed on a woman after he seduced her. He liked the taste of the endorphins in their blood.

As we approached the grotto I noticed Rhiannon was distracted. She kept pulling her cell phone from her pocket, frowning, then putting it back. After almost a minute she would repeat the process again. I side-eyed her as I programmed our destination.

“You expecting a call?” I asked as we stepped into the stone enclosure.

Her face turned fuchsia and she fumbled to put the phone away. I pursed my lips and frowned at her, but she averted my eyes.

When we arrived at our destination I put a hand out to stop her from walking away from me. “I need you to focus here, Rhia. Is there something you need to tell me?”

Rufus lived in an apartment in Kansas City, Missouri, so Rhiannon and I had orbed into a forest near there so hopefully we wouldn’t be seen. I knew the moment we got there that we were alone, not sensing anyone else in the area. I faced my friend with a severe look.

“No,” she laughed, shaking her head in short jerky, movements. “Why would you think I need to tell you something?”

“Rhiannon, you know as well as I do that these kinds of vamp cases aren’t easy to treat. Do I need to confiscate that phone?”

“Pfft! C’mon, you. There’s no time for this silly conversation. We need to get in there.”

I followed her, a nagging concern about what might be going on with her pricking my brain. Shaking my head, I relayed the same advice to myself that I’d just given to Rhia. Focus!

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  1. I love the interaction between Lynlee and her bff Rhia. Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    Happy reading, All!



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