Thursday, August 29, 2013

Business or Contact Cards Are 50% Off TODAY ONLY at Tiny Prints!

Tiny Prints is having an awesome one-day sale on business cards -- 50% off!

You don't have a business? This deal is still for you. They are great for moms and dads (i.e. mommy cards or contact cards), too.

No one does business or contact cards better than Tiny Prints. They have tons of templates, and you can completely customize them.

And for one day only, they are half off.

Creating custom business cards is easy:

1. Visit their Deal of the Day Page. Click through to the business cards. Make sure to do so before 7:30 AM PT Friday August 30 to allow yourself time to finish your order by 8:00 AM PT.

2. Choose from hundreds of designs. Pick the one that best fits your personality.

3. Customize the cards. Pick your own fonts, add pictures to some designs, choose your favorite colors, and play with the design. Make it scream "you."

4. Double check your design. Make sure it looks like you want it to.

5. Check out. When you check out, use the promo code DEAL0829 for 50% off.

That's it! Super simple, but you have to act fast.

They'll be to your door in about a week. Then you just need to start handing them out!

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  1. I tried to place an order but couldn't get to a check out. I created an account , created my business card and saved it but it never gave me an option of check out.

    1. Please contact Tiny Prints' customer service department if you're having trouble ordering. I'm sure they can help you!


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