Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme: Which Book Needs a New Ending?

It’s Wednesday! And that means it’s time for the Literary Addicts Weekly Meme! Every Wednesday, they suggest a fun theme to write about. The theme of this week: What book would you like to change the ending? How would you change it?

Naturally, to answer this question, I have to issue a SPOILER ALERT! I’m going to have to reveal a key part of the ending of the following book, so if you haven’t yet read Sisterland, by Curtis Sittenfeld, and you plan to, then stop reading this post! Here’s what the book looks like:

First, let me state that I really liked this book. You can read my full review HERE. I thought the author did a brilliant job of depicting the relationship between the twin sisters. It was very realistic, and the story definitely kept my interest. And the end was a shocker. (Here’s the spoiler part.) One of the sisters, Kate, a happily married mother of two, has a one-night stand. The man is one-half of a couple that Kate and her husband, Jeremy, socialize with often, and the wife works with Jeremy. Now, Jeremy is a doll. He’s kind, slow to anger, a good provider, basically the perfect husband. So, I just didn’t “get” why Kate would be tempted to cheat. How could she? But then it gets even weirder to me. When Jeremy finds out what happened -- because Kate becomes pregnant with the other man’s child, and it will become obvious that it’s her lover’s child because he’s of a different race -- Jeremy is just way too passive in accepting Kate’s mistake and staying with her and the soon-to-be child. I just didn’t think it was realistic of Jeremy, no matter how nice he is! For me, he suddenly went from Mr. Perfect to Mr. Doormat. So, with my apologies to the author, I truly did love the book, but I think the ending would have been more realistic if Jeremy had walked out. I believe that’s what most men (or women) would do in the same circumstances. Kate got off the hook too easily.

What book would you like to change the ending? CLICK HERE for links to the other blogs participating in this meme to find out their choices! And feel free to share your answer in the comments below.

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  1. I haven't read this book. Even with the spoiler I am interested enough to read this. Thanks for sharing.


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