Saturday, August 17, 2013

Release Day: Defying Fate, by Lola James

Defying Fate, by Lola James
Book 2 in the Fate Series

Love… Death… Fate!

Megan opened her heart and defied her fate for love. Alex wanted nothing more than to be with Megan, no matter the cost. After a vision meticulously unravels her existence, Megan wonders: Is their love worth death? To escape her demise, Megan enlists the help of Emilian, her vampire protector. However, the world around her slips away as his presence melts her, a gaze ignites her, and when he touches her every sensual fantasy plays in her mind. The problem is she has a job to do. She can’t afford to lose focus, but he’s the only one who can keep the looming threats away.

What’s a girl to do? Her fate is to die, but death is not an option… Continue the fated journey in Defying Fate.

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About the Author
Lola is a fool for a love story, a sucker for a cupcake, and let’s not talk about what she’d do for a Klondike bar. She enjoys long walks on the beach and movies that involve chainsaws. By day, she’s the HR lady, and by nightfall she puts on a cape to becomes a romance writer.

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