Thursday, August 1, 2013

#RockYourBlog August Writing Prompts: What Superhero Would You Be?

This month, I am going to do my best to participate in the #RockYourBlog Writing Prompts hop. The hosts provide a list of topics for the month, and bloggers can write about them in the order they’re provided, or even out of order. I may not write every day (especially on weekends), but I’ll try to do it as much as I can! If you’d like to join me, just click on the banner above, and it will take you to the page that explains the hop and lists the topics. Plus, you can enter to win ad space and a Starbucks gift card by submitting your post links!

The topic for today, August 1, is: If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

I can’t believe I’m writing about this, and I’m completely revealing my (advanced) age, but I always wanted to be Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. This show was on TV from 1975-1979 when I was approximately 11-15 years old -- the prime years for puberty. And I had nothing! I was a skinny little thing with no boobs, and I didn’t even start my period until I’d just turned 14. So, now take a look at the picture below of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and guess why I wanted to be her…

Forget the super-powers … I just wanted boobs like hers! (I’m guessing her superhero suit had to be specially made and attached so that she wouldn’t fall out of it while she was doing all of her stunts.) Yes, Lynda had been genetically blessed, while I despaired of ever reaching womanhood. The story has a happy ending. I did eventually grow a chest (although it never reached the vast proportions of Woman Woman), but Lynda’s natural endowments were definitely something on my wish list.

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  1. She is a gorgeous woman and such a sweet tidbit from your adolescence... been there, felt that way. :)


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