Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book Review: "Hexed," by Michelle Krys

About the book:
If high school is all about social status, Indigo Blackwood has it made: she’s a popular cheerleader with a football-star boyfriend and a social circle powerful enough to ruin everyone at school. Who wouldn’t want to be her?

Then a guy dies right before her eyes. And the dusty old family Bible her mom is freakishly possessive of is stolen. But it’s when a frustratingly sexy stranger named Bishop enters Indie’s world that she learns that her destiny involves a lot more than pom-poms and parties. If she doesn’t get the Bible back, every witch on the planet will die. And that’s seriously bad news for Indie because according to Bishop, she’s a witch, too.

Suddenly forced into a centuries-old war between witches and sorcerers, Indie is about to uncover the many dark truths about her life -- and a future unlike any she ever imagined on top of the cheer pyramid.

My thoughts:
Hexed has the perfect combination of humor, action, and magic. We soon learn, thankfully, that Indie is no shallow cheerleader. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that deeper friendships are going to be made away from the football field and that life is more serious than becoming homecoming queen. Readers looking for a clean YA novel will want to skip over the scenes of murder and teenage sex. But the story moves quickly, culminating in a battle between witches and sorcerers that will leave readers feeling satisfied, but with just enough loose ends to make them yearn for Book 2.

2014 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book through the Amazon Vine program. This post contains my Amazon affiliate link.

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