Friday, July 18, 2014

Lucas Mackenzie and the London Midnight Ghost Show, by Steve Bryant: Cover Reveal and Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card and eBook #M9BFridayReveals

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for

Lucas Mackenzie and the London Midnight Ghost Show
by Steve Bryant

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Lucas MacKenzie eBook Final
Lucas Mackenzie has got the best job of any 10-year-old boy. He travels from city-to-city as part of the London Midnight Ghost Show, scaring unsuspecting show-goers year round. Performing comes naturally to Lucas and the rest of the troupe, who’ve been doing it for as long as Lucas can remember. 
But there’s something Lucas doesn’t know. 
Like the rest of Lucas’s friends, he’s dead. And for some reason, Lucas can’t remember his former life, his parents or friends. Did he go to school? Have a dog? Brothers and sisters?
If only he could recall his former life, maybe even reach out to his parents, haunt them. 
When a ghost hunter determines to shut down the show, Lucas realizes the life he has might soon be over. And without a connection to his family, he will have nothing. There’s little time, and Lucas has much to do. Can he win the love of Columbine, the show's enchanting fifteen-year-old mystic? Can he outwit the forces of life and death that thwart his efforts to find his family? 
Keep the lights on! Lucas Mackenzie’s coming to town.
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Title: Lucas Mackenzie and the London Midnight Ghost Show
Publication date: November 18, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Steve Bryant
Steve Bryant is a new novelist, but a veteran author of books of card tricks. He founded a 40+ page monthly internet magazine for magicians containing news, reviews, magic tricks, humor, and fiction; and he frequently contributes biographical cover articles to the country’s two leading magic journals. (His most recent article was about the séance at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.)
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  1. I love it! It goes perfectly with the title and the smoky skull definitely makes the book seem intriguing. The cover makes me interested in reading the book.

  2. I love the cover of this book it's very colorful and lively.

  3. The cover is interesting. For some reason it remind of "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" movie with Johnny Depp. :)

  4. Spooky but intriguing
    Rafflecopter name: Enelram

  5. I think it looks alright. :)
    (Karla Sceviour)

  6. Good cover for the title of the book.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  7. I think the cover is attractive .. very colourful.

  8. I love it. It's funky but spooky and the red and blue pop!

  9. It is interesting - in a spooky way!


  10. I really like the cover. It draws you to it. :)

  11. Kimberley Thomas:
    It is a vivid and colorful cover & I like it :)

  12. I love the cover. The bright colors of the boy's jacket and the skull in the smoke, grab your attention.


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