Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme: What Am I Reading?

The Literary Addicts Weekly Meme stalled for a few months, but now it’s back and it’s time for this week’s question: What are you currently reading?

Right now, I’m reading an older book that I’ve had on my bookshelf but hadn’t had a chance to read yet. I’m so glad I finally found the time to read it because I am really enjoying it! Here’s the book and a description:

by Erica James

Angel Sands is a traditional seaside resort of bed and breakfasts, cottages to rent, and teashops, and the place with the best views of the tiny beach and surrounding coastline is Paradise House, home to the Baxter girls—or the Sisters of Whimsy as they're known locally. With their mother taking time out to find herself, it's down to Genevieve to maintain the smooth running of the family-owned B&B. This is no easy task given that their father—now that his wife isn't around—has suddenly become a magnet for the opposite sex. And there's little help from her sisters: Nattie is too busy offending her long time admirer, and Polly spends most of her days with her head in the clouds or in a book. But when news spreads in the tightly knit community that a nearby dilapidated barn has been sold, Genevieve finds that a bittersweet trip down memory lane is unavoidable.

Note from Susan: This novel is really much “deeper” than the description implies. It’s also the love story between Genevieve and Christian, her first love, who tragically betrayed her when she was 17. Thirteen years later, their paths cross again, and they both find that their experiences during those years have made them wiser but less trusting. Can they overcome the past, forgive, and forge a new relationship? Genevieve and Christian, as well as Genevieve's family members, are complex characters, and I am really enjoying this journey through their lives.

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  1. I'm glad you added your note to it, it makes me want to read it now.


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