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Plagues of Eden Book Tour: Read an Excerpt!


plagues of eden

The Wheel Spins. Chaos Is Unleashed.

The race is on to stop a madman bent on unleashing the ancient plagues of Egypt against the modern world. Tel-Al-Balamum, Egypt. The dig of an ancient temple is decimated by fiery hail from the heavens. And that’s only the beginning.

Buenos Aires. Paris. West Point.

The countdown has begun. Only Army Chaplain Jaime Richards, along with rock star Mark Shepard, can stop the catastrophe and save the mysterious Sword 23 from the clutches of a psychopath... if they can find the true mastermind in time.

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An Excerpt from Plagues of Eden

Tuesday, November 13, 2007, 8:06am
Golden Sun Vineyards
Ningxia Autonomous Region, China

Yani awoke again; this time because he was deposited into a chair. Dumped, more like. The chair had a soft cushion, which did nothing to stop the pain in his hip from flaring, and pulling him immediately to consciousness.

The chair also had large padded arms, to which the guards who had dragged him in cuffed both arms with nylon restraints. Twice each. They did the same with his ankles.

He was seated in a circular room. This one had a huge round table on a floor of white marble flagstones that radiated from a central circle. Lights in patterns of star constellations twinkled on the ceilings, but more notable were the three-headed torches flaming on the walls.

If you had a tasting in this room, you would be impressed.

“Good morning, Sword 23,” said Creased Trouser Man. “Anyone who is following the whereabouts of your locator device thinks you’re having an interesting day in the mountains even now. But let’s you and I have a chat before we say good-bye.”

Once again, Yani struggled to come to his senses before speaking. He hated that this man was using his Eden identity. He worked to regulate his breathing.

Physically, Yani felt ill. It was likely a combination of the drugs, jet lag, and not having eaten for many hours. Could he clear his mind to focus, even if his body was nowhere near a hundred percent?

Yani had two immediate objectives: to be thought useful enough not to be killed here and now, and to convince them he was physically weaker than he was. Creased Trouser Man must have some questions for him, or would he have simply been shot and dumped.

About the Authors:
plague author 1
Sharon Linnea is the author of the new mystery These Violent Delights as well as the four Eden thrillers: Chasing Eden, Beyond Eden, Treasure of Eden and the new Plagues of Eden. She has also written award-winning biographies of Raoul Wallenberg and Hawaii’s Princess Kaiulani. She lives outside New York City with her family.

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B.K. Sherer holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Education from Oklahoma State University. A Presbyterian minister, she serves on active duty as a chaplain in the US Army, currently stationed at West Point. The authors first collaborated on a play about the French Underground for their sixth grade talent show in Springfield, Missouri, and have been friends ever since.

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