Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Duplicitous Debutante Book Tour and eBook Giveaway!

Please welcome Becky Lower as she tours the blogosphere for The Duplicitous Debutante (Cotillion Ball Series, Book Six), from October 7-16.

Publication Date: September 1, 2014
Crimson Romance
Format: eBook
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Cotillion Ball Series

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In 1859, ladies of New York society were expected to do three things well: find a husband, organize a smooth-running household, and have children.

Rosemary Fitzpatrick’s agenda is very different. As the author of the popular Harry Hawk dime novels, she must hide her true identity from her new publisher, who assumes the person behind the F. P. Elliott pen name is male. She must pose as his secretary in order to ensure the continuation of her series. And in the midst of all this subterfuge, her mother is insisting that she become a debutante this year.

Henry Cooper is not the typical Boston Brahmin. Nor is he a typical publisher. He’s entranced by Mr. Elliott’s secretary the moment they meet, and wonders how his traditional-thinking father will react when he brings a working-class woman into the family. Because his intentions are to marry her, regardless.

Rosemary’s deception begins to unravel at the Cotillion ball when Henry recognizes her. The secretarial mask must come off now that he knows she is a member of New York society. But she can’t yet confess who she truly is until she knows if Henry will accept her as F. P. Elliott.

The more time they spend together, the closer they become. But when Rosemary reveals her true identity to him, will Henry be able to forgive her or has her deceit cost her the man she loves?

Praise for The Duplicitous Debutante

"I cannot tell you enough how much I love Becky Lower's books. She is by far my favorite historical romance author, and I would recommend anything she writes to everyone I meet. She just has a way with words and has a brilliantly warm and classic, romantic heart." ~HEAs Are Us

"If you are a historical romance fan, love multi-layered characters and enjoy a great story, please read this series." ~The Reading Cafe

"Kudos to Ms. Lower for writing a series that is different, the setting and subject matter unique and quite engaging." ~Deborah Cordes, Author

The Cotillion Ball Series

Book One: The Reluctant Debutante
Book Two: The Abolitionist’s Secret
Book Three: Banking on Temperance
Book Four: The Tempestuous Debutante
Book Five: Blinded by Grace
Book Six: The Duplicitous Debutante

About the Author

Amazon best-selling author Becky Lower has traveled the country looking for great settings for her novels. She loves to write about two people finding each other and falling in love, amid the backdrop of a great setting, be it present-day middle America or on a covered wagon headed west in the 1850s. Contemporary and historical romances are her specialty. Becky is a PAN member of RWA and is a member of the Contemporary and Historic RWA chapters. She has a degree in English and Journalism from Bowling Green State University, and lives in an eclectic college town in Ohio with her puppy-mill rescue dog, Mary. She loves to hear from her readers at beckylowerauthor@gmail.com.

For more information please visit Becky Lower's website and blog. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest, and sign up for her Newsletter.

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  1. Of course, it would have been an important milestone in a young woman's life during that time period.

  2. Thank you, Susan, for hosting me today. Love your site!

  3. You've been a busy puppy, Becky! This book is terrific.

  4. I think it would have been neat to be presented to society but in some ways their lives were harder than we may have thought; for example, what if you weren't blessed with good or stunning looks, or what if you weren't able to bear children? Society was judged on every aspect of their life and had high expectations. Anyway, it's thought provoking!

    1. You bring up a good point, G. All the heroines in the books seem to be lovely to look at, and able to bear children within the first year of marriage. I agree life must have been hard. Just think of the ordeal of preparing bath water, or lifting all those layers of skirts to use the bathroom. Fortunately, in our novels, we can eliminate the harsh reality of so much of this time, and focus on the good.

  5. I think it would be amazing, but I would hate being the center of attention!

    1. My mother was an organizer of some kind of dance lessons when I was in high school, and since I was her child, I got called to the center of the floor, after picking out a boy who was every bit as uncomfortable, and we had to dance in front of all the attendees. I would have hated the Cotillion.

  6. Yes, I would have loved to wear all the gowns, and have my dance card filled!

    1. Sophia, you're a true romantic at heart. Love that you stopped by today.

  7. No, I would not want to be presented to society at a ball or cotillion. The idea of being presented to society appalls me. I know that's what they did "back in the day," but it still appalls me. For good or bad, I would prefer to be accepted for who I am wherever I am and let the "cards fall where they may." Mother was forever introducing me to boys she thought respectable for me to date when I was growing up because we lived in the country, had an hour's bus ride into school every day, and had no neighbors our age. So we could meet someone only at school...or through our parents. Mother's idea of a respectable boy was ghastly. So I didn't date until I was a senior in high school and met a boy who was new to our school...had just moved from another town in another state. And he liked me! Yea! We ended up dating all through our senior year and ended it when I went to college and he stayed in town to learn and take over his father's business. In any event, I admire that Rosemary was gutsy enough to become a publisher...even with subterfuge. And I certainly hope Henry accepts her as his wife after he finds out who she really is! I need to read the story to find out, don't I? :-) Thanks much for the post. jdh2690@gmail.com

    1. Janice--Your experiences with your mother picking out boys for you made me laugh, since my mother did the same thing! Such horrible taste in men. How did she ever wind up with my dad?

  8. I dont think I would like to. I think I am too clumsy for all those curtsies!

    1. I had to learn how to curtsey for the dance class my mother organized. I did it, just barely, but could not imagine doing so if I was constrained by a corset!

  9. Being a debutante in this time period sound really constraining to me!

    1. I agree with you, Deborah. That's why so many books are written about women breaking free from the constraints of the day.

  10. I would love to experience being a debutante. Wearing beautiful ball gowns and dancing the night away 😁

  11. The gowns are the most fun part of writing in this time frame.

  12. YES! However as much fun I think it would have been, not to sure about the attention.

    1. Agreed. At that age, the last thing I wanted was to have the spotlight on me.

  13. I would've loved to be presented but I wouldn't know if I was glamourous or beautiful enough. Either way, this book cover is good enough to be presented for sure!


    1. Thanks, Olivia, for visiting today, and for your comments on my cover. I think Crimson does a wonderful job with their covers.

  14. No I wouldn't have liked it, I'm not into fancy dresses & dancing. I do enjoy reading about them though...

  15. No, I wouldn't have liked it. I don't like all the 'proper' this and 'proper' that required.

  16. no i would not have wanted to be presented to society. i am extremely shy.

  17. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.


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