Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book Review: Shadow Scale, by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Scale is the sequel to Seraphina, which I highly recommend that you read first as this is a complicated story and will make more sense if you read the books in order. The title character, Seraphina, is half-human, half-dragon. In Seraphina, this must remain a secret as it’s against the law for humans and dragons to breed, despite the fragile peace between the two species that has lasted for decades. But, inevitably, the truth must come out, and once it does, we learn that there are many more half-dragons like Seraphina. In fact, the dragons purposely bred them so they could study them!

In Shadow Scale, war is about to break out, and Seraphina sets out on a journey to find all of the half-dragons like her who all seem to have unique powers that could be an asset in the war to come. Hartman is a master at creating interesting characters, all with unique personalities and talents, and I really enjoyed meeting them along with Seraphina. As she encounters more and more of her kind, Seraphina begins to realize that her utopian dreams to reunite her people may not be as smooth as she had hoped. And one particularly evil half-dragon threatens them all. This book also continues the story of Seraphina’s love for Prince Lucian, who is engaged to his cousin, the future queen. I was a little disappointed at how this love triangle was resolved, but the result was probably more realistic than I had imagined it. Overall, Shadow Scale is a worthy sequel to Seraphina, and I highly recommend it.

Disclosure: This post contains my Amazon affiliate link. I borrowed this book from the library.

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