Sunday, February 21, 2016

Become a Better Writer with Grammarly

I meet a lot of people who hate to write because they think they’re terrible at spelling, grammar or punctuation. Fortunately, the tools for correcting these issues are getting better and better. We’ve gone way beyond the simple spell-check on our word processing programs to sophisticated programs like Grammarly.
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About Grammarly:
Grammarly improves communication among the world’s 2+ billion native and non-native English writers. Our flagship product, the Grammarly® Editor, corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for more than 250 common grammar errors, enhances vocabulary usage and provides citation suggestions. More than 4 million registered users worldwide trust Grammarly’s products, which are also licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations.

Unlike a regular spell-checker, Grammarly checks words in context. For example, a regular spell-checker wouldn’t tell you if you used “affect” instead of “effect” because it’s only looking at spelling. But Grammarly can tell you that, based on the context in which you’ve used the word, you should use one over the other.

Take a look at the example below, which is posted on their website. I’m amazed at the types of errors it found, including incorrect verb tenses, missing punctuation, incorrect pronouns, and more. And Grammarly provides the reasoning behind their suggestions, helping you to improve your English skills and become a better writer.

Grammarly also works in many of the places you write. With their browser extension for Chrome and Safari, Grammarly will analyze your writing online, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. No more embarrassing misspelled tweets or Facebook posts!

Grammarly has both free and paid options. Click on the banner below to learn more about Grammarly and become a better writer!

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Disclosure: I received 1 month of complimentary access to Grammarly to facilitate this review. This post contains my affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission for subscriptions purchased through the link.

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