Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mystique Book Tour: Guest Post and Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card and Print Book

Mystique by Shari Arnold
Publication Date: November 17, 2015
Genre: YA Paranormal

Only Bauer Grant can pull off gorgeous while dead. But staying dead is another thing entirely. When he wakes up at his own funeral, the town of Mystique calls it a miracle, until it happens again. Something is bringing the residents of Mystique back to life, but what? Presley Caine finds herself caught up in the mystery when Bauer asks her to visit him. Presley can’t figure out why the most popular guy in school is so drawn to her. And when Bauer is kidnapped soon after, she looks to Bauer’s brooding best friend Sam, whose dad works for the powerful Mystique military base, for answers. In her quest to discover the truth, Presley’s relationship with Sam deepens, her feelings for Bauer are tested, and it becomes clear that her own mysterious past is somehow connected to these strange events. But is she strong enough to handle the truth when it is finally revealed?


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Guest Post by Author Shari Arnold: What elements are crucial for a can't-stop-reading paranormal story?

I think whether it’s paranormal or mystery or any kind of story, the most important part in any novel are the characters. If you can’t relate or feel for the characters in any way, if you can’t understand them or imagine them as though they are real, no story will keep you reading.

I’ve always been a people watcher, and I find that comes into play A LOT when I’m writing. I will draw from certain people I’ve observed or studied when I’m working on a character. I don’t always remember where the character traits came from, but it’s as though they are stored in my memory for my writing purposes.

It’s also important to keep the story moving. If I find myself lollygagging in a scene, I know the reader will be bored. If I lose interest, they definitely will. Creating a world isn’t always easy when you’re trying to keep the pace going, but it’s also important.

About the author:
Shari Arnold grew up in California and Utah, but now resides in Connecticut with her husband and two kids, where she finds it difficult to trust a beach without waves. She writes young-adult fiction because it's her favorite. And occasionally she takes photographs.


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* One (1) winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a physical copy of Mystique by Shari Arnold (INT)

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  10. This book sounds like it be a great read!

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