Saturday, July 30, 2016

Book Review: "A School for Brides," by Patrice Kindl

About the book:
The Winthrop Hopkins Female Academy has one purpose: to train its students in the feminine arts, with an eye toward getting them married off. There are two problems, however. The academy is in a Yorkshire backwater, far from anywhere ... and there are virtually no eligible men.

A School for Brides is the very funny saga of how the eight Winthrop Hopkins girls manage to get around those constraints, and how those of marriageable age snare the man (or future) of their dreams. Set in the same English town as Keeping the Castle, here's the kind of witty tribute to class Regency novels that could only come from the pen of Patrice Kindl!

My thoughts:
I recently reviewed Patrice Kindl's book, Keeping the Castle, and I enjoyed it so much that I purchased A School of Brides, which takes place in the same town of Lesser Hoo, but is a stand-alone novel. (Read my review here.) When a young man passing through Lesser Hoo has an accident with his horse and must recuperate at the girls' school, they are all agog about this handsome arrival, especially when several of his equally eligible friends come to town to cheer him up! Each of the girls at the school has her own, very distinct personality, and approaches the quest for a husband differently. This book is filled with humor and hijinks as each girl heads toward the destiny that awaits her. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope that Patrice Kindl pens a third book featuring the residents of Lesser Hoo!

About the author:
Patrice Kindl is the author of Owl in Love and Goose Chase, as well as other award-winning novels. She has shared her 1830s home in a small village in rural upstate New York with a wide variety of creatures: monkeys (she trained them to be aides to quadriplegics), birds, cats, dogs, hamsters, and a son. Her current household contains a singing, dancing, talking parrot, a faithful little black-and-brown dog, an old tiger cat, and a very tolerant husband. Visit her Web site at

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  1. I like the sound of these and hoping there are some humorous antics too.


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