Monday, April 24, 2017

Dr. Vampyre Book Tour and $5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (2 Winners)

Dr. Vampyre
by S.N. McKibben
Genre: Paranormal Romance

When a college professor is blackmailed by a student …
he has to walk the fine line of being true to his principles and not letting his bloody secret out.
Dr. John Tennison, professor and physician, wakes up every morning and counts his spoons -- a measure of how many tasks he feels he can accomplish during his day. One spoon to walk down the stairs, one spoon to teach a class, one spoon to deal with tardy students. Lupus limits him, but he still gives lectures and works at a hospital. He also makes time for friends, and once a week visits Sanguine Loon’s to sate -- or subvert -- his one strange desire. His nemesis, the one thing besides lupus that keeps him from leading a normal life, is the blood at the bottom of a little paper Dixie cup.
While Tennison’s blood-drinking habit is a secret, it’s well known that he’s the campus asshole and has no tolerance for students who show up late. When he kicks Vogue model Ylati Badashi out of his lecture hall for wandering in ten minutes late, she’s having none of it. She pouts, she seduces, she blackmails, and puts Tennison at odds with his butler, and finally she tells him the truth about why she needs to be in his class.
Tennison is a man of principles, and though he swears he won’t change his mind, he starts to react unexpectedly to Ylati even as he hates her for making him suspicious of his trusted butler. Tennison has to find out where Mitch goes on his nights off and must deal with a budding attraction to a woman he occasionally hates, all while learning new secrets about himself. It’s going to take a lot of spoons.
Scroll up and help the doctor count his spoons!

Slave to a 100-lb GSD (German Shepard) and a computer she calls "Dave," you'll often see her riding a 19-hand Shire nicknamed "Gunny" to the local coffee shop near the Santa Monica mountains.

Stephanie reads for the love of words, and writes fiction about Dark Hearts and Heroes revolving around social taboos. Whenever asked, she'll reply her whole life can be seen through a comic strip ~ sometimes twisted, sometimes funny but always beautiful and its title is adventure. Come play!


  1. That's a refreshingly different characterization,to be surw.

  2. Thank you for hosting "Dr. Vampyre" by S.N.McKibben!

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    *****For only a five dollar giftcard, I think she should give it to me for all the work I did correcting her links LOL

    1. Thanks, Jan! As always, I appreciate your feedback and research! I've passed your information on to the tour host. (I think you should get the gift card, too! LOL)

  7. The cover is fitting for a "dark" novel, (cues the nefarious music,lol)


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