Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Strawberries Book Tour and Giveaway for a Custom Art Print!

by Casey Bartsch
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Strawberries is the name he has been given.

When they let him out, they had no way of knowing what he was. A psychopath. A killer. The body count is at twenty already, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Agent Harry Bland can’t see one anyway. He doesn’t have a single clue to go on. It doesn’t help that his mind won’t focus. His heart just isn’t in it anymore. 

Halfway across the country, Sylvia is in a different state of mind. When she isn’t selling sex to the rich, she is doing her best to disappear. She lives a life of assumed names, one-night stands, and a constant stream of narcotics. 

Sylvia has heard of Strawberries. Of course she has. So has everyone who has turned on the television or surfed the net. Yet, she has no way of knowing just how much his life will affect hers. 

Seedy hotels, cross-country truckers looking for the meaning of life, homemade pie, a reporter with her own secret agenda, obscenely expensive champagne, and plenty of spilled blood await our cast. But make sure to read fast… Strawberries has killed number 21. 

A little Koontz, a splash of Palahniuk, and a pinch of Robbins. Strawberries is sure to make you wince as well as smile.

Casey Bartsch lives in a tiny Texas town called Belton. He has yet to meet any of his neighbors, or travel farther than the grocery store. He doesn't eat healthy foods, and is therefore a bit rotund. His girlfriend loves him anyway, and that works out well. 

Casey often struggles to find the time to write. That is a lie. The time is plentiful. He just has a hard time choosing to write when other, less mentally taxing activities are available. He feels a great deal of regret each  time he makes this wrong choice. 

Casey spends an obscene amount of time trying to figure out why people do what they do, why he does what he does, and how long it might take before the world implodes in on itself and leaves him stranded on a small rock floating through the emptiness of space.

Win a custom art print, winner chooses scheme, colors, etc!

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  1. Wow!! So much action and excitement to be enjoyed in this book. It is sure to be a one-day reading for many. I would want a painting with bright colors.

  2. I love the books you suggest. You have a great site, thanks!

  3. Strawberries sounds like a really strange serial killer book. Just what my sister and I love reading. It will be interesting to see if Agent Bland can solve the case, how Sylvia is involved and if there's enough blood. As far as what kind of art print, I love the one pictured but I'm more of a barren beach littered with sea shells and a lighthouse off in the distance or ocean waves rolling in.


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