Friday, July 14, 2017

Love: A Tangled Knot Book Tour and Giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card

Love: A Tangled Knot
by Eichin Chang Lim
Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance

If love is true, how long should you wait?

How much pain should you endure before moving on?

Love: A Tangled Knot is a new edition of a romantic novel penned by the award-winning author of Flipping, Eichin Chang-Lim. A clean romance about the struggles of a couple to keep their family together against all odds.

With the Golden Gate Bridge in sight, the story begins.

Kayla is an ambitious seventeen-year-old who is content to deliver "real-talk" to her boy-crazy best friend, Breeana, while running the high school's environmentalist club. She has no time or desire for boys, viewing even a crush as an unwanted commitment. Until Russell Mancini joins Beach Cleanup Day. Kayla learns that she's a sucker for love just like her peers.

Their relationship seems perfect, but fate conspires against the pair. Kayla's dreams are shattered when she becomes pregnant. Struggling to make ends meet, Russell makes a decision that threatens to destroy their relationship, irrevocably steering his course away from Kayla and their daughter. Kayla finds herself pitted in a conflict she would never have expected.

As Russell's fate presents him with a seven-year incarceration sentence, Kayla must pick up the pieces and stay firm in her marriage. Dreaming of the day her daughter will have a father once again.

Will Kayla and Russell untangle the knot that was once their love? Or will temptations and inner demons succeed in moving them further apart?

Release Date: August 5, 2017

Eichin Chang Lim is a writer of inspiration and romantic fiction. She has also released a memoir / self-help book for special-needs parents. In real life, she is an Optometrist, Actress, Wife and Mother to Theodore and Victoria. They live in Orange County where she runs a private practice with her husband.

Eichin is passionate about writing and enjoys listening to classical music and opera.

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