Monday, July 17, 2017

M-Theory Stories Book Tour and Giveaway for a $15 Amazon Gift Card

M-Theory Stories:
A Fable for All Time
by William C. Dell
Genre: Fictional Fable

Time is creation, and there is life in many worlds. Our universe is born from an infinite quantum environment retaining its connection to other potential universes. Through observation (what you see is what you get), it is possible to travel to other times in many worlds. This book is about that vision, transformation, and crossover; the persistence of mind (M), and the role and nature of God. It is a metaphysical, philosophical, and theological adventure

A book of reveals: Reading it, you follow Jack Rabbit and Gray Squirrel into worlds more curious than Alice's, and way more empowering. The energizing pair is more pixie wise than Father Brown, and more always-a-jump-ahead than Alan Watts. Hey, Jack's a rabbit! And friend Gray's a natural nut-buster.

If you're of a certain age, you'll recognize Jack as Uncle Wiggly's postmodern nephew. Grand as that gentleman was, Jack's got him beat, because this book is kid brother to the author's more "grown up" (Very Serious) Deconstructing Zen and other works. Come one, come all, to his playground.

Discover grim(m) Funbuster and earnest Professor caught in their endless loop. And why Deconstructor pities those thinking the purpose is philosophical, literary, or political agenda. Go through the tunnel to find the ballpark's secret diamond and elegant dance, and listen to Lady Bluebird. Learn what the gym tells about your wheel of body-mind. The Woman on the bike gets it! She so well shows Jack and Gray how it's done that you, too, may fall for her.

Cobra's right to say "be careful what you look for, that's what you'll find," but there's no missing the most Flower since Little Prince. Along the way you'll meet relatives and neighbors, and get more out of Margarita than Jimmy Buffet ever has. You'll meet Shiva and Punchinello, Higgs and the Ferryman. In the oak grove of a different forest, you may hear Elie Wiesel's rebbe, the one who knows "only the story" and that "this must suffice."

An Excerpt

“Look! There’s Higgs,” cried Punchinello.

“Who’s Higgs?” asked Jack.

“The whole show is his,” answered Punch.

“I can’t see him,” said Gray.

“He’s elusive,” responded Punch. “Hey Higgs! Come over and meet Jack Rabbit and Gray Squirrel.”

“Why, it’s The Imaginator!” exclaimed Jack and Gray.

“Last time we saw you,” observed Jack, “you were an old man in the sky with a big long beard.”

“No, he was the little movie maker with thick glasses,” dissented Gray.

“Same thing,” interjected Punch smiling.

“Just call me the God particle,” said The Imaginator.

“The God particle?”

“Yes, according to Funbuster, I give things mass and form.”

“Is that how you do it?”

“Of course, I imagine everything through M…”

Dell's fable more than suffices: it's invitation and jolly romping journey to the other shore. Just don't rush it, as I did first time through. (Gorging on rich nourishment yields indigestion.) Take it easy, one bite at a time. It won't ever wear out, and you'll be in great company.”~Amazon Reviewer Stephen M. Johnson

William C. Dell is Professor Emeritus of Humanities, Montclair State University, New Jersey. His published works include metaphysics, poetry, inter-disciplinary studies, and literary criticism.

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