Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Watcher Book Tour and Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card

The Watcher
by Eli Carros
Genre: Crime Thriller

One man must stop a psychopath in his tracks…

Chief Inspector Jack Grayson is hunting a serial killer terrorizing London, a stalker who watches his prey carefully and displays the bodies of his young female victims brazenly. But Grayson has a problem -- only one lead and scant evidence -- and the body count is rising.

He discovers that an unsolved eighteen-year-old murder case bears all the hallmarks of the current killings, but he still can’t seem to find a single, obvious suspect, and he is so far unable to outthink a master predator.

Grayson must catch a hunter who knows how to outwit the police -- a showman intent on completing his macabre collection. But he’s missing a vital clue, a critical piece of the puzzle. When he finally discovers the killer's identity, he's completely unprepared for the fallout…

An Excerpt from The Watcher

Jack looked down again at the print out, his eyes scanning over it with interest. Listed on it were the victim’s names, ages, and former occupations, along with various other personal facts. There must be something linking them all -- anything; a pattern, some kind of clue. 

Lisa Doakes, 29 years old and married, had been working as a sports physiotherapist on Harley Street when she’d been killed that July evening. Murdered during her usual jog through Hyde Park, close to where she lived. He’d thought the killing was a one-off at first, then the killer struck again, and he continued to strike. A new victim had been killed each month for the last seven.

Katerina Murray, an art student studying fashion was the second body they’d found. Dead in a Soho alleyway, on her way home from a night out drinking with friends.

Then Annmarie Langham, 26, a retail assistant, found with her throat slit on Clapham Common. 

Tanya Beale, 22, a drug addict and part-time call girl was the fourth body to be discovered, after she’d been reported missing by a friend. She’d been dead for a week when her decomposing corpse was discovered in her Bayswater flat, the throat cut in the same way as all the others.

Anna Sharp, only 19 years old, cut down in the Islington car park of the magazine publisher she worked for.

Mya Chamino, 26, and a Polish immigrant, had been the sixth victim. She had been working as a massage therapist at a popular London health spa, when she was found face down in a pool of blood in the small alleyway running behind a busy Chinese restaurant. 

And Monica Wheeler, the latest victim, just 27 years old, and displayed ceremoniously in the elevator of the London City office, left there like the killer was proud of his work. As if he wanted to brag.

Eli Carros is a crime fiction and thriller author from London, England. His debut novel, The Watcher, was inspired by the London landscape, and by what can happen when sexual obsession, abuse, and madness collide. Eli loves reading crime, fantasy, and mystery suspense, and is an ardent admirer of authors Stephen King, Mark Billingham, Harlan Coben, and Patricia Cornwell.

A trained journalist with experience as an assistant court reporter, Eli interned at The Daily Mirror and the BBC before he became a novelist. A strong supporter of causes that promote equality for all, in his spare time he loves sailing, camping, hiking, and sketching, and detests getting up in the morning without several cups of strong percolated coffee.

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