Friday, August 18, 2017

Masked Demon Series Book Tour and Giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Nightfall and the Masked Demon
Masked Demon Series, Book 1
by Richard Combs
Genre: Mystery. Thriller

Young Navajo women are murdered and butchered in drug-crazed rituals. The evidence points back to ghastly rituals performed by a satanic cult years earlier. The FBI and Navajo Police join forces with a veteran Navajo County investigator to hunt down the deranged killer(s). 

Richard Combs weaves this masterful tale of a fiendish serial killer, sexual crimes, demonic cults, masked demons, and Navajo life with a sure hand and many surprises.

**99 cents on Amazon!**

Midnight and the Masked Demon
Masked Demon Series, Book 2

A flaming body falls onto a Yavapai County police cruiser. Is it connected to a secret alliance between local bikers and a drug cartel? At an isolated religious colony, life seems good but a rookie officer suspects a lot more goes on behind the razor wire than church socials and Sunday school. An FBI Agent with misgivings interviews the next President of the Navajo Nation about the reservation's sudden economic boom, connections to the murder and a suspicious trucking outfit. 

As the investigation barrels along a twisted trail, all the suspects vie for the top spot on the list, but in the end, the key to the riddle lies in the past with the oldest of motives. 

In the second of the Masked Demon series, Richard Combs blazes another deadly path through biker gangs, rape, drug cartels, betrayal and murder.

**99 cents on Amazon!**

Daybreak and the Masked Demon
Masked Demon Series, Book 3

A grisly assassination, an icy grave, eleven victims in all including a U.S. Senator. A Federal investigation leads nowhere. The grieving and angry friends of one of the victims takes up the trail of mayhem and murder to track possible clues, leading them from Arizona's White Mountain Apache Reservation to the Mexican border, to the guarded citadels of billionaire kingmakers. No suspect has the means, motive, and opportunity‒ yet eleven dead testify to at least one person having all three. 

Biker gangs, white supremacists, a wanted terrorist, even the President of the Navajo Nation, suspects all, as Richard Combs delivers another taut thriller in the third of the Masked Demon series.

**99 cents on Amazon!**

Excerpt from Daybreak and the Masked Demon

Pop! Pop! Muffled rounds sounded off to both sides of the highway, and without fanfare, gas-grenades hooted behind the barricades. The air filled with an odorless vapor and in less than a minute people, including Sven, Bridget, and their companions cried, coughed, wheezed. Sven burned all over: his eyes, his nose, his mouth, throat. For Christ's sake, his chest felt on fire. He couldn't speak, just grabbed hold of Bridget and ran north on the highway, anywhere away from the tear gas.

As soon as Sven could see, he glimpsed Lance Biddle running ahead of them, as if his American suit was jet-propelled. The line at the barricades had broken down and the border defenders scrambled away like frightened mice.

Sven realized that Homer Wells had sent squads of his revolutionaries to flank the barricades and fire in tear gas canisters. Meanwhile, men in the advancing APCs and on both sides had spread out and fired more tear gas grenades, as well as beanbags and rubber bullets. A few of the defenders, mainly those belonging to the Aryan Defense Force, got off some rounds but not accurately enough to deter or even slow the advance.

All around Sven and Bridget, people ran. Some fell in their blindness and panic. Just ahead, Brian dropped to his hands and knees, retching and vomiting. "F--k," he cried, "f--k, f--k, f--k!"

A few seconds later, Sven found a place at the side of the road, where he and Bridget sat on the edge of the bar ditch. Tear streaks ran down both sides of her face, and her nose dribbled over her lips onto her chin. He knew he looked no better. From behind, he heard the APCs still coming and almost no gunfire.

"What happened?" Bridget sobbed.

"Homer outmaneuvered us," Sven answered. "We stood there like ducks in a row. The national media will have a field day. I don't have the slightest idea what Lance will say when he finally stops running, except the ‘Second Battle of Columbus’ didn’t turn out so well."

"We need to get back to the camp," she said, "wash this gas off."

"Yeah, but we'd better go back from here across the desert. Homer and his army are still coming up the highway."

Bridget jumped to her feet. "Let’s get out of here now. I don't want another dose of that gas."

Richard P. Combs is a field editor and columnist for Bowhunting World, as well as a freelance writer whose award-winning articles have appeared in many outdoor publications. He is also an experienced and well-traveled wild turkey hunter. Richard resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his family.

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