Friday, September 8, 2017

Welcome to Fort Myers Beach Public Library

About six weeks ago, my family and I spent a week in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. It was our first visit there, and when I saw their beautiful new library, I had to go in! Now, as Hurricane Irma approaches, I can't help wondering what will happen to this library. Hopefully, being new, it was built strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. However, nothing will protect it from storm surge. While we were there, Tropical Storm Emily made a surprise visit, and there was standing water in all the roads afterward. I can't imagine what a powerful hurricane like Irma will do to Fort Myers Beach. I'm hoping they were able to move the books on the first floor up to the second and third floors to protect them. And, of course, I hope that everyone in Fort Myers Beach makes it out safely. Please pray for them, and enjoy these pictures inside their lovely library.

Sea Life Mural

I loved the shelves at varying angles.

Cute computer stand to look for books & materials!

Lovely little reading nooks were all over.

Extensive shell collection, all labeled with their names.

I loved this term: "Gentle Fiction"!

Unique bookshelves!

Inside the elevator!

A sand castle display between floors

A cafe on the 3rd floor, along with a used bookstore (not shown)
Picture of the outside from their Facebook page

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