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Hypatia of Alexandria Book Tour and Giveaway for a Signed Paperback or Custom Hypatia Candle

Hypatia of Alexandria
The Legendary Women of World History #8
by Laurel A. Rockefeller
Genre: YA Historical Fiction

Teacher. Philosopher. Astronomer.

Born in 355 CE. In the aftermath of Constantine's reign Hypatia of Alexandria lived in a collapsing Rome Empire, a world where obedience to religious authorities trumped science, where reason and logic threatened the new world order. It was a world on the edge of the Dark Ages. As libraries burned, she dared defend the light of knowledge.

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Spring yielded to summer and summer to autumn. The starry sky wheeled around Alexandria and Hypatia grew into womanhood. Listening to her father lecture his students on Hipparchus of Nicaea, Hypatia sat quietly at a table within the Serapeum, her pen scraping against the blank papyrus as she carefully copied Aristarchus’ “On the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and Moon.” Pulling out a small measuring device she copied Aristarchus’ diagrams precisely as she delighted in the beauty of his geometry, her mind half listening to her father’s class as she worked.

Aristarchus taught a heliocentric explanation for the motions of the planets and stars using elliptical orbits for the Earth and the celestial wanderers. Yet Hipparchus, writing only a few decades later, found the logic behind Aristarchus’ calculations lacking. After all, Nature only allowed for perfectly circular orbits; the idea of an elliptical orbit was utterly absurd! Everyone thought so too. And so, Hipparchus resolved the conflicts created by Earth centrism with a simple tool thought of by Apollonius of Perga: the epicycle. With epicycles the sun, moon, stars, and wanderers travelled in a small circle as they each travelled in a larger circle around the sun. And besides, under Aristarchus’ heliocentric model, the universe became a vast, almost infinitely large space, something Hipparchus absolutely could not accept. For what could man mean to the gods if the universe was vast and expansive? Would not humanity become too insignificant for the gods to care about?

Though her father’s lecture spoke only of Hipparchus and his innovative use of triangles in astronomy, Hypatia found herself wondering: what if the problem with Aristarchus was not in his observations, but in the fear by Hipparchus and other devotees of Aristotle’s earth centric philosophy that perhaps the gods cared less about humans than the priests taught -- if they existed at all? And if the gods did not exist, what then? Was the human reasoning so cherished by the gods sufficient to prosper and thrive without religious belief? Could humans control their own destinies instead of fearing the world around them and yielding authority over their lives to gods and the priests who claimed to speak for them? Was it even safe to contemplate any realm of life where the gods did not rule over every thought, feeling, or decision to be made? Or were her contemplations of an Earth moving around the sun and a world ruled by logic and reason simply begging the gods to strike her down?

As the sun set beneath the horizon, Hypatia could only wonder.

Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska, Laurel A. Rockefeller is author of over twenty books published and self-published since August, 2012 and in languages ranging from Welsh to Spanish to Chinese and everything in between. A dedicated scholar and biographical historian, Ms. Rockefeller is passionate about education and improving history literacy worldwide. 

With her lyrical writing style, Laurel's books are as beautiful to read as they are informative. 

In her spare time, Laurel enjoys spending time with her cockatiels, attending living history activities, travelling to historic places in both the United States and United Kingdom, and watching classic motion pictures and classic television series.

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Secrets Book Tour and Giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card

Stockholm Sleuth Series, Book 2
by Christer Tholin
Genre: Mystery Crime Thriller

"She’d made a huge mistake. She’d never make it out of here -- they were going to kill her."

In the crime novella SECRETS?, fledgling private investigator Elin Bohlander takes on what looks like an easy assignment—at first: to determine if her client’s boyfriend is having an affair with another woman. To do this, Elin follows him to a secluded cabin in the woods, where she soon discovers that what’s actually transpiring is stranger than anyone thought. Having ventured too far, she’s stumbled upon a hornet’s nest and put her life at risk. But it’s too late. Can Elin win the unequal fight against a gang of brutal child molesters? 

SECRETS? is the second, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series. In the previous novel VANISHED?, Elin and her colleague Lars solve their first case together. 

If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will love Christer Tholin's sleuth series.

Stockholm Sleuth Series, Book 1

He could only hope he’d get out of here in one piece.”

To come to terms with his recent divorce, Martin, an attorney in Berlin, plans a peaceful vacation -- two weeks in a Swedish summer house seem to be the solution. It won’t be peaceful, however, and those two weeks will change his life forever. He takes a liking to Liv, a Swedish woman whom he meets in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, they don’t get to have their first date -- Liv disappears under mysterious circumstances. Martin begins his search but soon realizes he can’t find Liv in a foreign country by himself. He hires two private investigators, and their discoveries make everything seem even stranger. 

The complexities in this suspenseful criminal case lead to a hunt across Sweden. Martin comes close to finding answers, but his search lands him in very real danger, eventually leading to the first deaths. Soon he‘s wondering if he can get Liv and himself out of this situation alive.

The author grew up in the North of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. Today, he lives with his family in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works as management consultant. 

He has always been a great fan of crime stories and therefore had the desire to write his own crime story with the characters acting in Sweden. This crime-fiction is now available under the title of Vanished? 

The crime novel starts at a slower pace -- like Martin's holidays -- but the tension goes up more and more. It comes to a number of surprising turns, giving new impulses to the story. Apart from that, the lovely country Sweden is described with the view of a foreigner.

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Merry Christmas from Susan Heim on Writing

"My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?"
~Bob Hope

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Four Corners Book Tour and Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Four Corners
Four Corners Trilogy, Book 1
by Kristin Durfee
Genre: YA Fantasy

Levi always knew he was different. The fact that he could smash a light bulb without touching it was only one clue, but he’s about to find out how special he really is… 

Sought after by those in a magical land, he meets Aura, Queen of Esotera. Her kingdom is in trouble, and he’s the only one who can help. But the powerful sorcerer who cursed Esotera will not give up easily. A collision of magic and fates, sealed long ago, will catapult the two into a race to save Aura’s kingdom. Will they make it in time, or will they lose everything they love, and possibly both their lives?

**99 Cents from Nov 22 – Dec 6!**

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It all happened so quickly. The sound of movement was all around them and Aura was terrified. This was it. This was the moment they had been preparing for and hoping would never happen, though it felt all wrong. They were expecting any type of ambush to occur when they were either close to the portal or in the other world. Instead, they were only a half-day’s ride from the center of the kingdom, in woods that were protected by her guards. There should not be bands of outlaws here. The only danger they should be facing should be from Winester, but there was no way he had caught up with them. Her eyes were trying, to no avail, to adjust to the low light. The sounds, though! The sounds kept continuing until she felt dizzy. They seemed to be coming from everywhere. An army, she thought. It sounded like an army trampling the ground around them.

“Resbuca,” she said again in a panicked voice.


She felt Resbuca move beside her and felt another body saddle to her other side. Kolas breathed heavily, his own panic making him lose his breath. She felt the other bodies close in on her as well in a reassuring protective manner. As much as she wanted them to run and save themselves, she was embarrassed to admit she needed this crush around her to keep her from screaming.

The sounds were now coming faster and closer. Aura took a deep breath and prepared herself for whatever onslaught was to come. She didn’t even have time to react when the bag was placed over her head. A second later, she felt a sharp pain coupled with a loud crack and everything went to black.

Two Worlds
Four Corners Trilogy, Book 2

Four years after his adventures in Esotera, Levi’s life is unrecognizable. Now an accomplished author for his “fantasy” story Saving Esotera, a visit from someone he never expected to see again has put his new future in jeopardy. Esotera again needs his help. Familiar faces, along with some new ones, greet him upon his return, but it’s not all happy homecomings. A threat from their past is rising to power. 

Will Levi, Aura, and the rest of our heroes be able to defeat their enemies once and for all? Or will it not just be Esotera at stake, this time, but the world as well?

**99 Cents from Nov 22 – Dec 6!**

Kristin Durfee grew up outside of Philadelphia where an initial struggle with reading blossomed into a love and passion for the written word. 

She has also been a writer since a very young age, writing short stories and poems, though now is focusing on longer works. She is currently working on several short stories and a novel for adults. 

Kristin currently resides outside of Orlando, FL, and when not enjoying the theme parks or Florida sun, she spends most of her time with her husband, son, and their quirky dogs. 

She is a member of the Florida Writers Association.

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Detective Blanchette Mysteries Book Tour and Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card or Swag Pack

Her Final Watch
A Detective Blanchett Mystery, Book 2
by Marguerite Ashton
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Speaking second-hand truths can be deadly…

Detective Lily Blanchette will stop at nothing to solve a murder. Her current case involves the killing of an undercover cop working to bring down the mob for prostitution and drugs. 

But Lily's usual laser-like focus on the case has been disrupted. 

Two weeks earlier, she learned she was pregnant by her murderous husband whom she'd killed in self-defense. Unsure whether to keep her baby or place the child of this cruel man up for adoption, Lily keeps the pregnancy a secret from her colleagues. 

Under mounting pressure to solve the case, Lily arranges a sit-down with a local mob boss only to find out her suspect is also wanted by them. But before Lily can warn her team, she and her new partner, Jeremiah, are shot at, and another body is found. 

When she discovers Jeremiah has a connection with the underworld, she is pulled into a conflict that swirls around the boss's son who's hell-bent on revenge. 

To add to the complexity of the situation, Lily learns that her victim might still be alive if it wasn't for opportunistic Assistant District Attorney, Ibee Walters, who has a twisted vision of justice. 

As Lily gets closer to finding the killer, she unravels ugly secrets that point to Ibee and Jeremiah -- placing Lily's life and her unborn child in danger.

**On sale for 99 cents!**

Promised Lies
A Detective Blanchett Mystery, Book 1

Detective Lily Blanchette has a lot on her plate…

Her sister Celine has recently been murdered and her parents are on the brink of divorce. Now she’s lead on a multiple murder investigation. 

Six months after Lily’s sister’s death, the bodies of two young women are discovered. One look at the way the bodies have been posed and Lily knows her sister’s killer is back. 

And she’s determined to get him. 

When Lily visits the family of victim Tanya O’Neal, she learns the woman had arranged to meet a man going by the handle CtryGeek23 on the social networking site Scatter. 

Lily thinks finding the man behind the account is key to solving the case. 

But CtryGeek23 is very clever, and Lily has her work cut out for her. As she digs around, clues point her to a local brewery where she discovers the body of another young woman. 

The more Lily digs, the more she thinks there is more than one murderer at work, and CtryGeek23 is the mastermind. 

But who is he? 

And how will they catch him? 

As the investigation comes to life, death hits closer to home, and Lily discovers she may not be who she thinks she is at all. 

Filled with plot turns, suspense and mystery, Promised Lies will leave you wondering how well anybody knows anyone…

**On sale for 99 cents!**

When Marguerite Ashton was in her twenties, she took up acting but realized she preferred to work behind the camera, writing crime fiction. A few years later, she married an IT Geek and settled down with her role as wife, mom, and writer. Five kids later, she founded the Crime Writer’s Panel and began working with former law enforcement investigators to create; Criminal Lines Blog, an online library for crime writers who need help with their book research. 

She’s a workaholic who hides in her writer’s attic, plotting out her next book and stalking Pinterest for the next avocado recipe. 

A member of Sisters in Crime, Marguerite grew up in Colorado, but is now happily living in Wisconsin and playing as much golf as possible. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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High Witch Book Tour and Giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card

High Witch
High Witch, Book 1
by Mona Hanna
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Brayden dreams for thirty nights, tortured by the vision of a beautiful woman. When Ariel Williams walks into his inn, he sees that she's the one he's been obsessed with in his night time journeys. But Ariel is fleeing an arranged marriage and keeps shyly to herself, until the worst happens and by mistake she casts a spell on a guest. Brayden works with Ariel to help her control her magic but discovers she's a High Witch -- one of only three witches in the world with a rare kind of power. 

Immediately, the two must flee; evil warlock Julius wants to enslave Ariel -- mind, heart and body. Julius and his lover the High Witch Nadia will stop at nothing to capture Ariel, and the danger threatens to tear Ariel apart from Brayden. Ariel's only hope is that her love for Brayden and her newly discovered powers are strong enough to save them. 

This is a NOVELLA of approximately 25,000 words.

**FREE on all retailers!!**

Read an Excerpt

Brayden gazed into the woman’s vivid blue eyes. Her blonde hair flowed down her shoulders, soft, silky. She curled her fingers around the hair at the nape of his neck, and brought her mouth close to his. His heart beat erratically in anticipation of the moment their lips would touch. He shut his eyes, then felt the softest, sweetest sensation of his life. He tasted her sweet lips, shuddered as her tongue played with his. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her closely, tightly. His entire body quivered as it was pressed against hers. She began to pull away. He held her to him. She broke the kiss.

She looked at him with sadness in her eyes. He could feel it — she was leaving. He felt like she’d left him a thousand times before. That they were endlessly reliving this moment. He tried to hold onto her, but she turned and began to fade from view. He grasped at her disappearing figure, but his hands clutched air. She was gone.

He stood there, sorrow consuming him. Then the faint sounds of bells twinkling, and her soft, sweet voice.

Find me.

Witch Emerging
High Witch, Book 2

After surviving being hunted by Julius, Brayden and Ariel settle into their married life. Ariel is determined to find the other High Witches to make sure they’re alright. But there’s something going on with her pregnancy, something unusual, and she needs to find out what. 

In the meantime, Hallie, an eighteen-year-old witch, is being pursued by Nicholas, a strange young man who knows about her past. What does Nicholas want with Hallie, and how are they both connected to Ariel? And what about Sean, the man Hallie loves? Will they end up together, or will Nicholas’ plan hurt all of them? The two witches will need to work hard to save those they love, and each other. 

This book is approximately 44,000 words, or 150 pages in print.

High Witch, Book 3

Ariel is getting used to being a new mother and is excited to see her best friends Hallie and Sean again. She just wants to spend time with them and relax and hear about their wedding. Unfortunately, relaxing is the last thing any of them can do on this visit. 

Thrust into a new place, the High Witches are delighted to find the fourth—but the circumstances couldn’t be worse. A group of men are determined to stop them from casting a spell that could change the world, bringing immense joy but also great disaster. The risks of the spell might be beyond their ability to handle. 

A great darkness is coming. It will take more than two High Witches to stop it: it will take a coven. 

High Coven is the third and final book in the High Witch series.

Mona Hanna is an author of fantasy/romance books. She enjoys writing about love, magic, conflict, trials and the joy of overcoming them. Mona enjoys reading, movies, chocolate, and adores cats. She hopes to release many more fantasy books in the years to come.

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The Peradon Series Book Tour and Giveaway

The Peradon Fantasy Series, Book 1
by Daccari Buchelli
Genre: YA Fantasy

No power is greater than the one you’re willing to sacrifice. 

Princess Violetta Flame lives her life according to rule, but those rules require her to pay a heavy price. Haunted by a devastating loss, she longs for freedom. When a handsome ruler takes a special interest in her, she senses greater things lie ahead, but behind the handsome fa├žade lies a dark secret -- one that can usurp her efforts and cast her back into the life she detested. 

The throne was never promised to Emperor Ryore Frost, but now that he has ultimate power, his world is filled with possibilities. Citizens bow at his feet, but their fleeting adoration is no match for his obsession with the young Flame Princess. As his feelings for the staunchly independent princess grow, a new threat emerges, bent on undermining his efforts and betraying his sensibilities. 

When past tragedies, malevolent behaviour, and strong wills collide, which will reign supreme?

The Peradon Fantasy Series, Book 2
Releases December 25, 2017!!

In order to save the ones you love, you must be prepared to risk it all. 

Five years have passed since that fateful day at the Frost Estate and Violetta fails to shake the memories of her husband’s demise. Her daughter Elinor cannot know of the part she played, but that is only one of the Flame Queen’s problems. 

With a mysterious storm blanketing the whole of Peradon, Violetta, with the help of Lord Jork and Xyhoni, sets out to uncover its source. The last thing she expected was for her only child to vanish and for a troublesome rumour to be circling Peradon. 

At her wits end, Violetta must journey through the four realms in search of anyone who can help to find her daughter, but is she willing to accept the help of a traitor?

An Excerpt from Symbiote

A second shadow fell across the marker. Violetta twisted, snatching a dagger from beneath her robes.

'Move and I'll gut you where you stand!' Her chest heaved, her power coming to heel, sending flames sparking from her fingertips. She could feel the intruder's heart speeding, every beat betraying their mortal fear.

Rage became a crimson film that stretched across Violetta’s vision. She peered through it to find her blade poised against a tan throat.


Emerald eyes glistened before her, registering cold steel pressed tight to his flesh.

Violetta eased the pressure off of the blade. She felt it slide out from between her fingers. I almost...almost--

'I'm sorry,' she whispered. Her blade clattered to the floor, her knees buckling beneath her frame. 'I'm so sorry.'

'Highness?' Strong arms caught her waist, pulling her back onto her feet. 'Steady now.'

There was a strange sense of helplessness in Xyhoni’s eyes, as though she alone kept him alive.

'Xi, I keep--'

A finger brushed against her lips.

'I know.' He pulled her close, embracing her with a tenderness she adored.

'I can't stop myself from picturing his face, and those eyes. Elinor can't know. She just can't! It’s her birthday. She should be happy, celebrating.’

Xyhoni drew back. Violetta gazed upon him with tear-streaked eyes. Her body tingled as the tips of his fingers brushed her arm, before returning once more to her waist. He gripped the fabric of her robes, causing her mind to swim with a rush of emotion. She clung to him, reaching a hand up to cup his cheek, leaning in.

'No.' Violetta pulled his hands from her body. 'I'm sorry Xi, I can't.'

Those beautiful eyes reminded her of nature, of freedom.

'He shouldn’t have died, not at my hand.’ She made to turn when Xyhoni snatched her wrist.

'Don't say that, not ever!' Xyhoni's eyes burned within their sockets. 'You had no choice.'

Violetta shrank back, stung by the heat of her love’s words.

'No choice? Xi, I watched him burn by my hand!' Her eyes darted to his lips: she couldn’t bear to hide her feelings any longer.

'It’s all too much, the memories, us.'

Xyhoni’s fingers slid back through her sunshine hair.

'I know, but it will be all right.'

'When?' Violetta tried to halt the flow of tears but the look in Xyhoni's eyes broke her. They were cold and emotionless, just as Ryore's had been that day.

Born in 1993, British writer Daccari Buchelli spends his time focusing on his favourite genre, fantasy. Having developed an early love of literature, he became determined to create his own magical wonderlands for fellow readers to explore. He spent his teenage years working on several fantasy novellas, which he has yet to release to the general public. 

He has since released the first book in a new fantasy series, which revolves around young royals and the elemental magic that they possess. As an active member of the LGBT+ community, Mr Buchelli hopes to help reduce intolerance and bullying by promoting acceptance and understanding of those different from ourselves.

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