Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Viola Valentine Mysteries Book Tour: Giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card

A Ghost of a Chance
A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 1
by Cherie Claire
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

From award-winning novelist Cherie Claire comes a new paranormal mystery series. 

They say there are blessings from Hurricane Katrina. For Viola Valentine of New Orleans, it was losing her dead-end job and leaving behind a loveless marriage and an overbearing family. 

But the storm also blew open a psychic door. Now she sees ghosts who have died by water. 

As she enters her new career as a travel writer, solving mysteries that appear with apparitions everywhere she goes, the one person she hopes to speak to -- her daughter who died of leukemia years before -- continues to elude her. 

Or does she?

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Ghost Town
A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 2

Every day at dusk, in a small Louisiana town, the dead emerge from Lorelei Lake. And travel writer Viola Valentine must use her “gift” of seeing ghosts to rid this town of its apparitions. Viola struggles not only with the task at-hand, but hopes that this evolving ability she obtained after Hurricane Katrina will help her reach her beloved Lillye. 

Yet, the more Viola struggles to talk to her departed daughter, the more frustrated she gets. Plus, it’s 2008, the height of the Great Recession, travel jobs are hard to come by, and her suffocating family and ex-husband keep making demands. She takes solace in a new love interest, one who teaches her how to harness her anger. 

In the end, Viola realizes that only love can solve her problems, from ridding ghosts of lakeside towns to healing a broken heart. 

Ghost Town, book two in the Viola Valentine Mystery Series by award-winning author Cherie Claire. 

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Trace of a Ghost
A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 3

Award-winning novelist Cherie Claire continues her paranormal mystery series as travel writer Viola Valentine takes a trek down the historic Natchez Trace of Mississippi. Traveling with her is an adventurous heiress who’s been dead since 1860 and a living fellow travel writer who’s not what he seems. In the end, it’s a showdown between good and evil, and a bargain made with the devil at the crossroads may be Viola’s final undoing. 

Book Three in the Viola Valentine Paranormal Mystery Series.

Ghost Trippin'

A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 4

John Valentine left home for a birding conference and never returned, his family chalking it up to the divorced father’s mid-life crisis. But when a body is found on the old family homestead, his daughter Viola must piece together the clues her father left behind. Along for the ride are her witchy Aunt Mimi, her uptight lawyer sister Portia and her sometimes ex-husband Thibault Boudreaux, otherwise known as TB. What they discover on this crazy ghost trip through Texas will be much more than they anticipated. 

Ghost Trippin’ continues the story of Viola Valentine, who changes her life after Hurricane Katrina and follows her dream of being a travel writer. But the storm also blew open a psychic door and now she sees ghosts who have died by water. As she travels the South in her new career she must also solve mysteries that appear with apparitions. But the one person she hopes to speak to -- her daughter who died of leukemia years before -- continues to elude her. Or does she?

Give Up the Ghost
A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 5

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina uprooted Viola Valentine from her dead-end job and what she deemed a loveless marriage. Four years later, she and her husband Thibault “TB” Boudreaux are starting over on a Tennessee houseboat, she following her dream as a travel writer and TB finishing school at Smoky Mountain University. 

But the ghosts of the past continue to hound the couple, infiltrating negative energy into their peaceful cove. With her family at stake, Vi must learn to harness her supernatural powers, face her fears and fight the evil that threatens to unravel them all. 

Book Five in the Viola Valentine Paranormal Mystery Series.

Cherie Claire grew up in south Louisiana, with mud between her toes and a rabid love of Mardi Gras parades. Born in New Orleans and now living in Cajun Country, she couldn't help but write about her unique, colorful state. 

Cherie is the award-winning author of several Cajun historical romances and The Cajun Embassy series of contemporary romances. She's a Holt Award finalist, a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award finalist and received the Louisiana Press Women Book of the Year. Her latest is a paranormal mystery series featuring ghost sleuth Viola Valentine of New Orleans. 

Check out her non-fiction titles at https://www.amazon.com/author/cherecoen.

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  11. Thanks y'all. I'm the author (Cherie Claire, Louisiana Book News is my blog) and I appreciate the kind thoughts about the covers. My son is a graphic artist in Los Angeles and these are his. The paperbacks are even better, in my opinion, because the artwork continues on the back side. I'll share your comments with him. Hope you enjoy the books!

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