Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Heart's Bidding Book Tour: Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card

The Heart's Bidding
by Jordan Riley Swan
Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance 

Kaylee Heart would rather run through a roaring fire than endure even a minute of public speaking. Put in an eighty-hour work week? No problem. Shut down her grandfather’s gold-digging girlfriend? Easy peasy. Stand in front of an auction crowd and call for bids? Show her the exit.

So she has no idea how Gerald, the golden-voiced auctioneer she’s been crushing on at the local auction house, can find the courage to stand on stage every week, with all those eyes on him. But as cruel fate would have it, she is about to find out.

Her family antique shop, the Vintage at Heart, has tripped over one financial hurdle too many and Kay is propelled, full speed, into her biggest phobia—the spotlight.

With terror chasing her, she’ll have to fight to keep the family business from closing forever. Even if the battle takes place in front of a live crowd.

**Only 99 cents until September 14, 2020!!**

Jordan Riley Swan is a wild word hunter living in the far and dangerous reaches of rural Ohio. He spends his nights tracking down big-game stories, capturing them in paper cages, and training them to be better tales.

The Heart's Bidding was the first novel he'd dared to use the keys of his typewriter to release back into the wild.

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  1. I like the flowers on the cover. Congrats on your books release.

  2. I love the cover! The colors are amazing.

  3. I always thought it would be awesome to own an antique shop like her family. The fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears there is. This sounds like a good read.

  4. New author for me, sounds good!

  5. I haven't read anything by this author yet, but the fact that he's a "wild word hunter" definitely intrigues me! Love the striking blue of the book cover.

  6. I love the cover. I'm very interested in reading this book.

  7. Love the books cover, and I also like that I read about her family owned a antique shop, the Vintage at Heart.

  8. I love the cover strong and beautiful! The book sounds awesome

  9. I think the cover looks amazing, I love the colors.

  10. I like the way the author's bio is worded. Made me smile.


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